Help Parents Get an Education

We need your help!  
It is HARD to get through college and vocational training programs when you have kids, and Washington state makes it way harder.   
Here in WA, in order to get help with your childcare (Working Connections Child Care subsidy) you have to work 20 hours a week in addition to going to school.  Only two other states have requirements this hard on parents.  It's hard to do anything really well if you have three huge jobs, parenting, working and school, and this means that it takes much longer for student parents to finish and get good-paying jobs.  Parents who can use childcare are 3 times more likely to graduate or go on to a BA program within 3 years! Click here for a great issue brief. 
We're trying to fix this!  This week the House and the Senate in Olympia are both having hearings on bills that would eliminate that work requirement for full time students.   

Please call or email your lawmakers and ask them to support House Bill 2764 or
Senate Bill 6100.  And if you have experience with this, tell your own story!   

Two Easy Ways to Contact Your Lawmakers
Option #1: Call the Hotline 1.800.562.6000
Option #2: Email Through District Finder
The other option is simply to email your lawmaker through the district finder. This allows you to look up who your lawmakers are and send an email directly to them. District finder 

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