Summer Institute 2019

Date: 6/25/2019
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Short Description: Intensive Summer Learning for Staff
Location: Central Washington University
400 E University Way , Ellensburg, WA 98926
Phone: (509) 963-1141

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June 24 (8:30am) -June 26 (3:00pm), 2019

Location: Central Washington University Conference Center, 400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7592

Scholarship deadline:  5/25/19

Registration early deadline:  5/31/19


Registration PDF and Online Registration

This year CWU has changed their registration system, and you need to do individual registrations for each person with separate accounts.  Sorry!!!  If you are paying with a purchase order, please contact CWU (Becki) 509.963.1143 and she will walk you through it.


Course List

Start, end and break times


Fees - Variable based on WSTC Membership and CWU lodging/meal/commuter package

Credit: Community College Credits ($18), STARS and Clock Hours available.


Email or call Katy 425-453-1227.

Summer Institute

It's time for our 32nd Annual Summer Institute, which offers the opportunity for teachers and other early learning professionals to take a concentrated 20 hour course on a single subject. 

We’re very excited about this year’s offerings, and look forward to providing very high quality  courses to our members and the Early Learning community at large. 

We have a limited number of $250 scholarships available - Apply here online.  

This year's classes are:

  1. Cultivating Mathematical Thinking in Preschool Children

  2. Taking the Leap: Values and Practices for Planning an Emergent Curriculum

  3. Relationship-Based Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals and Coaching: Strategies for Leaders Supporting Family Services Staff

  4. Mobility Mentoring Deep Dive

  5. Through the Hearts of Teachers Build the Minds of Children

  6. Teaching with CLASS - Engage, Enrich & Enliven Conversations with Kids

  7. Classroom Management 101

  8. Exploring Nature-Based Learning

  9. Implementing The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos in Your Program    

Choose from one of the following ten 20-hour Course Offerings:


Track 1: Cultivating Mathematical Thinking in Preschool Children

Audience:  Pre-K Teachers, Supervisors


Cultivating Mathematical thinking in preschool children allows them to explore and understand the components of Mathematics; geometry and spatial awareness, numbers and operations, measurement, data collection and analysis, and patterns. In this course participants become familiar with each of the components of Math, develop an understanding of the five process skills of Mathematics and learn how to intentionally and purposefully plan for children’s Mathematical learning; how they use the environment, materials, group activities and daily experiences and routines. Through a variety of teaching approaches participants will gain insights that will be of immediate, practical use in their preschool classrooms.


Presenter: Cathy Cole, ECE Consultant LLC

Cathy Cole is a highly accomplished professional with more than 30 years of progressively responsible experience in the field of Early Care and Education, much of it as a teacher, director, and national consultant for Head Start, Migrant Head Start, and California State Pre-K programs.  Cathy has an Associate of Arts degree in Child Development, a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education and a Master of Science degree in Education Administration.  Since 2004, as an independent Early Care and Education Consultant, Cathy draws from her classroom and administrative experiences to assist Early Care and Education staff and administration through her many presentations, consultations and trainings to develop, enhance and implement effective programs and services nationwide.


Track 2: Taking the Leap: Values and Practices for Planning an Emergent Curriculum

Audience:  Experienced Pre-K Teachers

Though we don’t usually think of “planning” something “emergent,” in fact it takes a great deal of intention to facilitate a curriculum that is truly generated from the children’s own questions and pursuits. This track will offer classroom educators and program leaders the opportunity to explore multiple aspects of supporting an emergent curriculum, including focus on classroom practices, family engagement, and anti-bias education.


Using the experiences of Hilltop Children's Center as a case study, we'll consider specific examples of structures and dispositions that support a dynamic, responsive, customized curriculum for young children. We’ll examine Hilltop’s practices of In-Depth Investigation and Pedagogical Documentation, and develop strategies for facilitating an emergent curriculum in our own programs. We'll also consider ways to invite and encourage families to become meaningfully engaged in our programs, and look at possible models for partnering with families in curriculum planning, documentation, and assessment, to help connect families to their children's learning, throughout the school year.


We will also consider the intersection of a responsive, emergent curriculum with Anti-Bias Education. As reflective educators, we aim to keep children's experiences and perspectives at the heart of our work, while supporting them to become competent citizens in a diverse world. By promoting Anti-Bias Education in our classrooms and schools, we encourage children's social development and bring focus to our own awareness of equity issues. We will discuss contexts that foster social learning, and  investigate how a reflective teaching practice can enhance cultural competence for children, families, and educators.


Presenter: Sarah Felstiner, Education Director, Hilltop Children’s Center

Sarah Felstiner is the Education Director at Hilltop Children's Center, in Seattle, where she has worked for over 20 years as a classroom educator and administrator. During that time Sarah has supported Hilltop's transformation from a traditional neighborhood daycare to an internationally recognized school of inquiry, inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. She also support’s Hilltop’s professional training and outreach organization, the Hilltop Educator Institute. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Yale University, and a Masters in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College. Sarah presents and consults locally and internationally, through the Hilltop Educator Institute and as a member of Harvest Educators Collaborative, and was recently selected as a "Master Leader" by Exchange Magazine.


Track 3: Relationship-Based Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals and Coaching: Strategies for Leaders Supporting Family Services Staff

Audience:  Family Support & Home Visiting supervisors, Directors


In this session program leaders will study the “role specific” relationship-based competencies and how to embed these competencies within their professional practice. Learners will examine the revised Relationship-Based Competencies Suite to build upon engagement and partnership with families and ways to support those staff who directly work with families. Facilitators will share what is new, uncover connections to coaching, use “real life” examples and scenarios to demonstrate how leaders can implement promising practices in a way to expand their coaching efforts to include those front line staff who support families.


Presenter: Lillian Carillo and Jenn Morejohn of Region X Head Start

Lillian Carrillo has been an early childhood development professional for over 27 years, 19 of those working in Head Start and Early Head Start. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Development. Lilli is a Region X Early Childhood Specialist, to programs within Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington in the priority areas of School Readiness, Career Development, and Parent, Family and Community Engagement. She collaborates with her colleagues to support other State Early Childhood Associations, on initiatives related to school readiness, dual language learners, professional development of teaching staff, and Early Childhood system development, to meet the needs of low income children and families.


Jenn Morejohn joined the Region X TTA team as an Early Childhood Specialist in February 2019.   She has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences, with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education and Development from Oregon State University.  For the past 11 years she has had many different roles in Head Start, full day full year teacher, Education Coordinator, and Instructional Coach. Jenn is knowledgeable and skilled in Practice Based Coaching, School Readiness, Reflective Practices, CLASS Tool, PFCE Framework and Dual Language Learners, she assists grantees with implementation, analysis, evaluation, reflection of current practices, as well as data driven decision making.



Track 4:  Mobility Mentoring Deep Dive

Audience:  Family Advocates, Home Visitors, Supervisors using Mobility Mentoring


Are you currently implementing Mobility Mentoring with the family you work with in ECEAP or Head Start/Early Head Start?  Are you wishing you had a better understanding of the science behind the approach? Do you wish you could take a deeper look at the model and ask those questions you still have? Now is your chance!


Please join us in taking a deeper dive into the Mobility Mentoring approach to working with families. In this three-day workshop we will explore the following:

• The brain science that this approach was created from

• Exploring social bias and how it affects family outcomes

• SMART Goal Setting-Writing family-centered goals

• How to have challenging conversations

• Coaching vs. Casework

This workshop is for participants who are already trained in the model and are implementing Mobility Mentoring in the field. You should already have a general knowledge of this coaching approach to family support. These three days will be interactive and engaging with group discussion, time for general questions, and more.


Presenter: Kerry Beymer, MS and Xyzlora Brownell MSW

Kerry Beymer has worked in the field of Early Learning for over 25 years. She has dedicated her career to work with families experiencing poverty. Her area of focus has always been families and family engagement. Her current position at DCYF is that of the Mobility Mentoring Specialist.  She is the Lead for Mobility Mentoring work in ECEAP and has been supporting contractors on implementation statewide since 2015. Kerry lives in North Bend with her family. They enjoy taking walks through the farms, hiking and riding their bikes in what they think is the most beautiful place to live in Washington. Kerry graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Family Studies and has recently completed her MS in Early Childhood Education.


Xyzlora Brownell is an Innovation and Capacity Specialist at the Department of Children, Youth, and Families – ECEAP. Xyzlora’s blend of two decades of experience in early learning and social services engaging in work that has a positive impact on children and families. 

Xyzlora is a dual language learner, born in South Korea. Her experiences of being an ECEAP parent, Head Start therapeutic teacher, foster parent and a Child Protection Services Social Worker brings a unique perspective to her work with children and families. Xyzlora has provided training and mentoring for early learning staff, foster parents and biological parents in the reunification process; specializing her work with children with special needs and challenging behaviors. Xyzlora graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s in Arts focusing on Human Development/Psychology and received her Master’s in Social Work at the University of Washington.


Track 5: Through the Hearts of Teachers Build the Minds of Children

Audience:  0-5 Teachers, Supervisors


Quality initiatives, state outcomes and a push for academics have had a positive and negative impact on Early Childhood Programs. In addition, recent reports indicate high level of stress for teachers and children that have experienced trauma in their young lives. The focus of this 3 day training is to respect and validate the efforts of Early Childhood teacher’s in today’s workplace and to remind them how important they are in raising America’s children. This 3 day series of trainings will provide small and large group activities, role play opportunities, videos, surveys and power point presentations that will address a variety of issues and strategies to keep teachers engaged and effective with the children in their care.


Day 1 - The Emotional Connection: Dispositions and Relationships.

Day 2 – The Social Connection: Equity and Fidelity.  This will also include the impact of trauma on the social structure of the classroom, resilience theory and the Pyramid, reflection on your current learning environment.

Day 3 – Pedagogical Connection: Thinking and Teaching


Presenters: Steven Erwin

Kaplan logoSteven Erwin, National Early Childhood Specialist for Kaplan Early Learning Company, has spent over 40 years working in a variety of capacities to promote, educate and advocate for young children and their families. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in child development and postgraduate work in preschool special education. His work experience includes being a family childcare provider, owner of a child care center, Head Start and State Preschool administrator and Head Start reviewer. In addition to the types of programs, he has enjoyed a geographical perspective of early care and education throughout the United States and around the world, including America Samoa, China and Vietnam. Recently he worked at the Associated Students Child Development Lab at California State University, Chico (CSUC) and as adjunct faculty for the Child Development Program at CSUC.


Track 6:  Teaching with CLASS - Engage, Enrich & Enliven Conversations with Kids

Audience:  Pre-K Teachers, Supervisors


Interactions are the heart of human communication. When teaching children, it takes skill and practice to integrate quality interactions into everyday practice.


This course will review the elements of CLASS and delve deeper as to WHY we have intentional conversations with children.  Asking concept development questions, using feedback loops, and using rich language in everyday practice helps children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills and better prepares them socially and emotionally for school and in life. Through lecture, videos, discussions, and hands-on activities, we will dive deeper on how to tackle each day with intentional interactions and participants will learn strategies to increase children’s higher order thinking skills. Please bring along your lesson plans or areas where you struggle in having rich conversations with children during your typical classroom day.  There will be time to create and plan strategies on having deeper interactions embedded into your everyday practice. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of how CLASS strategies can be integrated in the curriculum, assessment, and daily conversations to create a richer learning experience for children.


Presenters: Julie Wasilewski & Jaime Thompson, Opportunity Council

Jaime Thompson is an Early Achievers Coach with Child Care Aware of Northwest Washington through the Opportunity Council.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education and Social Change.  Her background includes 10 years in Early Childhood Education working as an ECEAP teacher.  She has a passion for training, especially in topics regarding challenging behaviors and teacher-child interactions.  Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Education with dual major in Early Childhood Education and Trauma and Resilience in Educational Settings.  Jaime has provided customized training for ECEAP teachers and has a strong foundation with the CLASS tool.


Julie Wasilewski is Child Care Aware of Northwest Washington’s Professional Development Coordinator and has served in many roles in Early Achievers as a Coach, Trainer, and Lead along with many other roles while being employed with the Opportunity Council.  Julie is an affiliate trainer for PreK, Toddler and Infant CLASS and regularly trains in the Northwest region.   Prior to coming to Child Care Aware, Julie had her own Family home Child Care business for  10 years and also worked as a Trainer and Coach in Early Learning.  Julie has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and Business, an Early Childhood Certificate, and is seeking her Masters in Early Childhood this fall.  Julie is passionate about training and supporting early childhood educators in supporting the work they do with children and families.


Track 7: Classroom Management 101

Audience:  Pre-K Teachers


In these fun and engaging 3 days, we will examine the Pyramid Model, or Early Childhood Positive Behavior Supports. We will be discuss strategies that serve to prevent challenging behavior in many of our early childhood environments as well as skills we can teach to children that serve to replace challenging behaviors. We will also look at strategies that can be used to support families and caregivers. This class will offer time for staff to action plan and consider changes for their environments. This class is appropriate for those who work in environments that serve children ages 3-5. Participants will leave with an understanding of challenging behavior and strategies and supports that reduce and prevent challenging behavior in the first place as well as an action plan for their environments.


Presenter: Tim Andrews, MS

Tim Andrews Tim received his master’s degree from Portland State University in Early Childhood Special Education in 1999. Tim taught a therapeutic, or behavior classroom for 7 years, and for the previous 7 years has been the Early Childhood Positive Behavior Support Specialist for the Multnomah Early Childhood Program in Portland, OR. Tim is also adjunct faculty at Portland State University where he teaches a variety of courses, and is a board member of the NWPBIS Network where he represents early childhood. Tim has worked with multiple agencies across the North West to train, coach, and consult around challenging behavior. Tim has presented at numerous conferences across the nation and is a well-known and respected early childhood behavior coach, trainer, and consultant.


Track 8: Exploring Nature-Based Learning

Audience:  0-5 Teachers


In this workshop we’ll explore why nature-based learning is so important for young children in supporting school readiness, positive child outcomes and a love for the outdoor world. Using the latest information from the Head Start National Centers, we’ll spend time planning creatively to promote nature-based learning, exploring resources & materials to use in indoor & outdoor classrooms and reflecting on our current practices – challenges and successes. 


Focus will include:

  • An understanding of the current research regarding the benefits of outdoor play and time spent in nature.
  • An exploration of how we can best prepare outdoor spaces that promote play, movement, and investigation of the natural world.
  • An awareness of our roles in supporting unstructured/child initiated play as well as structured/teacher guided play in nature.
  • An investigation of how each early learning domain can be integrated into our lesson plans to support nature-based learning.

 Join us as we discover all that nature has to offer – both for ourselves as teachers and learners, and for our children as explorers and adventurers.


Presenters: Katy Keehn, Region X Head Start

Katy Keehn has over 35 years of experience in the field of Early Learning working with children, families and staff in birth-to-five & family support settings. Katy has been providing training & technical assistance to Region X Head Start and Early Head Start grantees as an Early Childhood Specialist for the past 6 years, assisting programs with planning professional development, collecting & analyzing data, increasing Parent, Family & Community Engagement, and applying developmentally & culturally appropriate curriculum for children birth to five. She holds a Master's degree in Human Development with specializations in Leadership in Education & Early Childhood, certification in Family Support Studies, and a love for supporting Nature Based Learning in Early Childhood.


Track 9: Implementing The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos in Your Program

Audience:  0-3 Teachers

$90 extra fee for this one!


This hands-on session guides teachers and caregivers through every component of the expanded Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos, a research-based, comprehensive curriculum that focuses on building warm, nurturing relationships with the youngest learners and intentionally promoting their development and learning in all areas. Participants first explore the three curriculum volumes, which discuss in detail the latest theory and research, how to promote children’s progress and support active, individualized learning during routines and experiences, and how to set up a successful environment. Participants then have an opportunity to interact with the new daily resources (Intentional Teaching cards, Mighty Minutes™ for Infants, Toddlers & Twos, Book Conversation Cards™, and Highlights Hello™) and practice using them together to plan and implement meaningful routines and intentional experiences for all the children in their care. To strengthen assessment skills, teachers use Objectives for Development & Learning, Birth Through Third Grade to practice documenting their observations of young children and to plan for and scaffold their learning.



Presenter:  Donna Fowler, Teaching Strategies

Donna Fowler is the Content and Implementation manager at Teaching Strategies, and is leading the work on our state Teaching Strategies Lighthouse project helping two of our programs become model programs for the West Coast.  She is the President of the board of the National Association for Family Child Care, and is a graduate of Ashford University.




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